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Hannah Bella Posner

At what age do people hit their stride artistically?  Children’s art is said to defy rules and deal with simplicity rather than subtlety. Senior art often embraces this same freedom in depiction of space and use of color. What happens in the middle?  Why do people even make Art?

  To tell a story
  Express personal thoughts
& feelings
  Explain the unknown
  Create an illusion
  Amuse themselves
  Record a time, person or place
  Make the ordinary extraordinary
  Affect social change
  Heal the sick
  Or most creatively, to do something that no one else can or has yet done.

Our reasons for making art come from different periods in our lives. Art is AGELESS. Our exhibit presents artists from 8 – 98 years old.

September 26    December 19, 2015

Artist reception will be November 15th, 2-4pm

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Faye Augustine
Bryson Bost
Edward Ramirez