New Art Exhibit Arriving August 17!

Brent Jensen
"My Favorite Photos" is the new art exhibit opening at the Scotts Valley Library Aug. 17 to Nov. 2.

To celebrate the new exhibit there will be an Artist Reception on August 24th from 2-5pm hosted by State Farm Laureen Yungmeyer.  Come join us and meet the artist.

"My Favorite Photos" features 8 diverse, local, well-traveled artists:

Sheryl Germany
  • Sheryl began her photographic journey simply as a way to document the lives and activities of her 4 children. Beginning with a small point and shoot camera, the journey began and a passion was born. Sheryl gathered most of her photographic knowledge through books and self-teaching, as well as plenty of practice.
John Goldberg 
  • Captured the incredible beauty of our environment in his images for many years. His photographs showcase our deserts, mountains, forests and coastlines along with the plants, insects and animals that inhabit them. In recent years, he has included the California coastal urban environment in his work. John’s work has been published by newspapers, magazines, companies and non-profits and his images have been used for the cover of several magazines. 
Brent Jensen 
  • Captures photographs of the scenery, flowers, and wildlife that he finds in nature. His Hummingbird Project was the first project where he had a specific goal in mind. Brent realized that he had this wonderful resource close by -- the Hummingbird Gardens at the UCSC Arboretum so he thought it would be wonderful to enlarge pictures of hummingbirds to put them on a human scale so we could more easily appreciate them and their environment. To learn more visit:
Keith Kelsen 
  • Often struck by the beauty of an overlooked slice of the world, that when the composition is attuned, the world is transformed into something remarkably salient. Born a native. As a global traveler, Keith has circumvented the world 26 times, visited 411 cities on all continents, and still going. His life’s work represents over 50 fine art images that he considers a striking chapter of the world around us. All of his prints are limited editions of 100. See more at
Anne LaBrie
  • Creates expressive abstract digital art. The technical process begins with a simple photograph of everyday objects, shapes and spontaneous organic forms. The photograph is transformed with special filters that, at times, reveal unusual expressions or metaphors. The endless possibilities from these methods inspire her. To see more visit:

Conner Quinto
  • A Photographer from Santa Cruz California. He studied photography at Cabrillo College and UCSC where he started out in the darkroom developing pictures the old-fashioned way, before transferring that knowledge into the digital realm. Conner specializes in Landscape and Macro photography, working in the real and the abstract.  Conner also offers portrait and product photographic services.

Petcharee Tamawong 
  • A native of Thailand Petcharee not only photographs her unique carvings but also focuses on macro photography of flowers, landscape, commercial photography of jewelry and collections, portraits of people, birds and animal photography and wedding photography. In December 2012, as a First Place Winner, Tamawong-Benjamin won a trip to Thailand in the National Geographic Photo Contest of “My Thailand, My Story” for her Thai temple photography. 
Colin Wojno 
  • Colin is relatively new to photography, but has been an artist for most of his life. He loves using what he has learned from the art world to help him compose interesting shots in the photography world. Colin is always looking for new angles, new locations and new subjects to challenge him. Fortunately, he does not have to go very far in California! View his latest photos at: