An Afternoon with Local Authors

Saturday, September 17 - 3:30pm  /  Fireside Meeting Room

Join the Friends of the Library Scotts Valley Chapter for an afternoon with local authors:

In Floating Point, Shelley and her family seek to shorten a daunting commute to Silicon Valley by moving to a boat. After purchasing an elderly Chris-Craft, the family hoists anchor for a voyage across the San Francisco Bay, but the journey turns out to be far longer and richer. Floating Point chronicles an adventure lived beneath the radar of suburban life as the new owners of the Egret learn the ropes and are eventually transformed by their life on the water just off Silicon Valley.

This travel memoir explores the waterfront with zest, humor, and occasional haunting beauty as a mid-life fantasy collides with practical realities.

Jacob Sackin - author "Islands"
Stuck inside a giant pyramid in a future devastated by global warming, Saskia is bored with her artificial life and yearns to experience the natural world. Abbie, a descendent of those who took refuge in the mountains when the climate changed, lives in the natural world Saskia longs to see. Using her hunting and tracking skills, Abbie and her brothers struggle to survive in the threatening wilderness. In her quiet moments, Abbie dreams of finding a place where they can live in peace. Neither of the girls are aware of the existence of the other, until the death of Saskia's grandfather and Abbie's search for a lost village brings them together. Their meeting is reminiscent of the first contact between Europeans and Native Americans, except this time the encounter is not between two separate races, but two girls whose ancestry comes from all over the world. Abbie and Saskia face difficult choices and both must decide whether they will return to the familiar worlds of their past or risk the unknown.